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Space Economy + Satellites

The Space Challenge

The Space + Satellite Industries are highly complex and competitive with numerous private, governmental and international interests at play. As the space industry becomes more crowded firms would be well advised to develop strategies to differentiate themselves from competitors and gain durable market share. The most defensible companies can secure the best contracts in the private and governmental sectors.

Private space companies would be well advise to compete across the board of price, technology, speed, durability and security. In a marketplace with more demanding customers and single contacts costing upwards of $100 million USD, firms have to constantly innovate to provide optimal end-user packages. Developing a cohesive and dynamic strategy for space companies is crucial in navigating the competitive skies on the way to space.

However, all of this ignores the 7-ton elephant in the room: capital. Many things are possible when money is abundant, but when money is scarce or not in abundance, firms must make difficult choices and trade-offs to stay in business. This is an economic and market reality that every firm must face.

What We Do

At Blackstream we work with space and satellite companies to develop innovative strategies to scale their business in an ever changing and competitive environment. We help firms build sales solutions which meet client needs and firm needs respectively for aggressive growth.

We provide investors, companies and clients insights into the space and satellite industry. We walk clients thru the industry, core players, promising startups and a broad range of other topics related to the industry.

Core Areas:

  • Launch Systems

  • Space Platforms

  • Satellite Services

  • Ground Systems

  • Space Financings + Structurings