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ARTIFICIAL Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Challenge

AI focused companies are facing a broad range of issues regarding data quality, privacy, legal liability for autonomous actions/results, governmental regulation and numerous other issues which are currently being debated. Companies would be well advised to consider critical factors about how to best scale their company is the hyper competitive AI field. Building in-roads into the physical world, creating approachable pricing structures, building defensible business models, and creating strategic plans for the future are just a few of the items these companies might consider. AI companies can be exceptionally profitable when structured and scaled correctly both in terms of profitability and aggressive valuations.

The Artificial Intelligence Industry is a hyper competitive and dynamic business space both in its own right but also considering the impact it is having on most developed industries. Traditional non-AI companies would also benefit from gaining a better understanding the impacts AI will have on their labor force, market segment, product + service lines, and their overall business. AI will drastically reshape the business place, how people work and the overall viability of many companies across all industries. These changes will happen gradually over the next 5 to 10 years and companies who plan accordingly can avoid falling share prices, market share, profitability and numerous other difficulties.

What We Do

At Blackstream we advise Artificial Intelligence companies on growth, scaling and expansion strategies for their businesses. We work closely with founders, managers and employees to develop practical and measurable recommendations that can be implemented quickly to start producing results. Blackstream advisors also pull from their broad range of cross industry experience to help companies uncover potential new areas for growth.

Additionally, we advise investors, companies and other clients looking to develop a better understanding of the Artificial Intelligence industry and its impacts on the economy, industries, and individual companies. We walk clients thru the entire AI landscape globally and provide critical insights into market trends, funding, applications, core players, and greatest risks.