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Governmental Advisory Services

The growth of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, digital assets and on-demand economies are putting many local, state and federal governments in a constant state of catch up. Technology has changed the way citizens, companies and governments interact with each other at almost every level. These new technologies mean new regulations to ensure a safe and fair environment for citizens. 

At Blackstream, we work closely with elected officials government officials, high level civil servants and NGO's to better understand the threats, risks and opportunities stemming from the disruptive & transformative technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

What We Do
We help clients to understand how to best conceive and construct policies which will best address the technologies that are rapidly disrupting the economy, trade, labor, national security, law enforcement and military capabilities. Only the policies with the best information and insights will be able to protect the interests of all constituents in a rapidly changing world. 

Our Governmental Advisory Services include but are not limited to:

  • Market Trend Advisory 
  • Technical Advisory 
  • Risk Analysis 
  • Digital Assets & Cryptocurrency Advising 
  • Strategic Threats 
  • Autonomous Weapons 
  • Cyber Threats 
  • Non-Governmental Organization Advisory