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Family Office Advisory

We work with Family Offices to make better decisions when investing in promising startups and understanding the disruptive & transformative technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Family Offices should consider the need to invest in the most cutting-edge technologies of the future while respecting the generational aspirations of the Family Office.

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics, Quantum Computing and many other transformative & disruptive technologies are creating entirely new markets for investors to participate. At the same time, these same technologies are disrupting the value of many of the companies and other assets the Family Office has invested in. These are some of the issues that we help Family Offices understand and profit from thru careful positioning. 

What We Do

We help Family Offices improve the overall performance, return and risk profile of investments by working closely with fund professionals and with current/potential investment company teams. We have deep roots in developing, advising and scaling companies and understand how to navigate the obstacles companies will face in the marketplace.

Family Offices are one of the only investment vehicles that can and should take positions with the next 100+ years in mind. We encourage Family Office professional to review our Millennium View on business.   

Our Family Offices Services include but are not limited to:

  • Due Diligence (On-Site & Off-Site)
  • Venture Advisory
  • Technical Advisory
  • Digital Assets 
  • Cryptocurrencies & ICO's
  • General Consulting