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Private Equity & Venture Capital Advisory

We work with Private Equity & Venture Capital firms to make more prudent and lucrative decisions when investing in new companies. Startups and private market acquisitions are some of the riskiest transactions around where once an investment is made it is very difficult to get out. While individual companies and technologies are indeed unique we help ensure that the fundamental principles of building a solid company are adhered to.

What We Do
We work with PE & VC teams to evaluate current and potential investments from an operational, tech, strategic and team feasibility perspective. We work closely with portfolio managers and company teams to identify critical risks, potential solutions and un-identified opportunities. 

Additionally, we provide local representation for investors based outside of New York, San Francisco and Berlin markets. We check in on portfolio companies in person during the month, provide advice to teams, unvarnished feedback to portfolio managers and most importantly ensure the highest degree of success for all parties involved. This service is essential to identifying and mitigating risks before they become huge problems.