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Blockchain Technologies

The Blockchain Challenge

Blockchain companies have the ability to significantly change how many traditional companies, markets and governments can and will operate in the future. Blockchain technology can revolutionize voting, property rights, data storage and authenticity, copyright enforcement, transactions, currencies and banking. With these changes companies and individuals can open new markets which were previously unable to participate in trade. At the same time, Blockchain companies are facing numerous issues in how new regulations will impact their business long-term viability, finding sustainable business models, and generating profits.

What We Do

At Blackstream we work with founders, managers, and employees throughout the organization to develop a help companies grow, scale and succeed. We also assist company leadership in identifying new areas of potential growth in secondary markets which might have been overlooked.

Our advisors can also provide insights for companies interested in deploying blockchain technologies in their businesses.We will walk clients thru the bloackchain landscape of companies, applications, areas for growth and other core elements.