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Our Mission


Blackstream Associates mission is to advise, develop and acquire companies which will shape, power and move the next industrial revolution. Our mandate is to be the most innovative, dynamic and competitive firm in every market in which we operate without exception while respecting the rules in writing and in spirit.



Commit to the highest professional standards 

  • Clients interest will be put first.
  • Ensure client trust and confidences.
  • Choose ethics over economic impact without exception.
  • Integrity with clients, coworkers and managers is required.

Provide an unrivaled environment for exceptional people and companies 

  • Empower employees and companies to become their absolute best. Never micro-manage.
  • We will always choose the most interesting engagements and not just the most profitable.
  • Develop a firm that allows the firm to grow with the professional dreams of the employees.
  • Develop companies that solve real problems and have real impact.
  • Provide a safe environment for employees and companies to succeed and fail in pursuit of greatness. 

Commit to absolute excellence with internal and external partners 

  • Commit to pushing everyone to their professional maximum regardless of cost.
  • Commit to pushing every portfolio company to their absolute maximum.
  • Reward success, analyze failure and move on.
  • Understand that excellence is not a final destination but a way of doing everything professionally and personally