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Hedge Fund Advisory Services

We work with Hedge Funds and other alternative asset managers to make better decisions when investing in new technology companies and understanding technology trends. Developing a cohesive thesis to navigate the disruptive & transformative technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is critical to staying ahead of the market and competitors. 

Artificial Intelligence, Digital Assets, Cryptocurrencies and Quantum Computing are just a few of the technologies forward thinking investors have to be involved with. At Blackstream, we understand the importance of getting positions right today and tomorrow. 

What We Do
We help Hedge Fund Professionals understand the broad range of disruptive & transformative technologies which are rapidly changing the competitive advantages of existing companies, creating new markets and destroying old ones. Additionally, we provide extensive advising on a broad range of digital assets, cryptocurrencies and ICO’s to help funds make the most prudent and lucrative decisions in the highly volatile and opaque market. 

Our Hedge Fund Services include but are not limited to:

  • Cryptocurrency & ICO Advisory 
  • Digital Assets Advisory 
  • Technology Market Trends
  • Due Diligence (On-Site & Off-Site)
  • Technology Advisory