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private military companies (PMC)

The Private Military Challenge

Private Military Companies (PMC) are growing around the globe to meet the demands of private, corporate and governmental security needs. The PMC business model can be highly lucrative when structured correctly and with the right long-term partners. PMC also have to navigate the precarious political dynamics of the various regions where they operate.

As PMC’s become more in demand globally, companies will need to develop simultaneous multi-market strategies to ensure long-term viability and competitiveness relative to other firms. Securing first rate labor and solid engagement contracts will be more difficult in the coming years as the market continues to fill with more competitors.

What We Do  

At Blackstream we work with Private Military Corporations to develop defensible businesses in core markets thru strategic partnerships and agreements.  We work with founders, shareholders, and other key stakeholders to craft custom strategies to achieve growth and expansion goals. PMC clients are also encouraged to work with our State & Region Advisory services to evaluate current and most importantly future needs of current and potential clients across the globe.

We  work with clients outside the PMC world who are looking to get a better understanding of the operational capacities, market sizes, and other key metrics of the PMC sector.

Additionally, we assist new and established PMC firms secure and negotiate governmental and non-governmental contracts in most jurisdictions. 

Core Areas:

  • Global Contract Procurement's
  • Financing
  • Labor Support 
  • Equipment Procurement