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Robotics + Automation

The Robotics + Automation Challenge

The growth of the Automation + Robotics focused companies have some of the greatest opportunities for growth in the coming years and foreseeable future. Finding reliable scaling and growth strategies will be crucial for companies in the industry to successfully grow beyond a startup and compete against larger industrial competitors in the United States, Europe and Asia. A+R companies should also consider the potential regulatory and tax consequences various nations have been debating.

Traditional companies would be wise to take the impact of automation and robotics on their businesses across all segments of their business. Depending on the specific business and market segment the impacts can be both internal and external with significant impacts to the competitive position of the business in absolute and relative terms to competitors. Companies which do not act proactively address how automation will impact their current and future positions might find themselves on the losing side of their future corporate battles.

What We Do

At Blackstream we advise Automation + Robotics companies on growth, scaling and innovation strategies for their businesses. We work closely with founders, managers, employees throughout the business to develop practical, measurable recommendations that can be implemented quickly to start producing results. Blackstream advisors also pull from their broad range of cross industry experience to help companies uncover potential new areas for growth.

For Traditional Companies we provide clear and actionable solutions to help them avoid issues which will arise from automation now and in the future. Our advisors work with companies to stream line their businesses to maximize their competitive position in the market place.

Core Expertise

  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Financings + Structurings 
  • R+A Transitions