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Water desalination

The Water Desalination Challenge

The Water Desalination Industry operates in one of the most complex and political environments in the world. The cost of effectively turning seawater into potable drinking water was fallen drastically over the past 20 years making desalination plants attractive for growing and established metropolitan areas on or near the sea. Water Desalination businesses and investors seeking to develop these plants routinely face heavy regulations, long permitting times, complex political issues, and large pools of investor capital to pull on. These issues make developing, siting, launching and running these businesses very difficult for all but the most seasoned professionals and companies.

What We Do

At Blackstream we work with firms to navigate the complex financial, regulatory, political and structuring requirements of entering or expanding their Water Desalination portfolio. With a seasoned team of industry professionals, Blackstream advisors will create customized solutions for clients to meet the needs of the biggest or smallest projects. Additionally, advisors can pull on their deep knowledge of permitting, environmental studies, local political dynamics and other requirements in most major markets.

Blackstream also provides critical insights to clients looking to get a better understanding of the Water Desalination business, water rights, water politics and economic impacts around the world. Our advisors have worked on projects from Latin America, the United States, the Middle East and Eurasia to provide our clients with insights they cannot receive anywhere else.

Core Areas:

  • Siting 
  • Multi-Party Negotiations 
  • Private Sector Contract Negotiations
  • Governmental Contract Negotiations 
  • Political Advisory 
  • Venture Structuring