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The Real Estate Challenge

The Real Estate business is an industry in a state of flux. Mortgages, sales, home valuations are all quickly moving from brick-and-mortar players to internet and app based firms focused on streamlining the purchasing/sale process and significantly lowering fees. Established real estate companies will need to make new ventures in the real estate space in order to stay relevant and competitive over the long-term as margins are continually compressed.

It’s also important for companies to take note of how technology can help new and established companies scale. For the first time in the history, small and medium sized companies are able to take advantage of large data sets to uncover opportunities by deploying advanced analytics, big data and basic AI technology. By deploying these new types of technology, companies can significantly improve their margins, deal flow and most importantly to ensure the long term growth and viability of the business.

What We Do

Blackstream partners with real estate firms in the United States, European Union and select countries in Latin America. Advisors work closely with owners, shareholders and managers to develop long term strategies to grow the businesses to its maximum potential. In certain cases, Blackstream takes equity positions in companies.

How technology is changing real estate in 2017

Real Estate Technology is changing the way people search, find, purchase, sell and finance their homes. Many of the traditional industries that surround the real estate industry are being disrupted in significant ways as their services are being transferred to platforms, apps and websites which provide the same information and/or service directly to the clients.  

What does real estate technology look like?

Real Estate Technology comes in many forms but some familiar ones are online mortgage lenders (Rocket Mortgage), online home finders (Redfin), check your home's estimated value (Zillow), get you chores done (TaskRabbit), or get your home cleaned (Handy). Each business is completely changing the dynamic of the primary industry and the related industries as the business gain more customers and scale.