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Digital transformation

Digital Transformation is the process through which companies take a broad range of business processes (sales, operations, customer experience, data, etc.) and create integrated digital processes to replace them. In the modern economy, digital transformation is mandatory for every company without exception.


The Digital Transformation Challenge

Gaining and maintaining competitive advantage in the modern market place has never been as tough for new and established businesses. Large technology companies like Amazon, Apple, Uber and others have been rewriting the client expectations playbook in which customers expect companies to play by when they buy products, goods or services. Seamless transactions, data retrieval, customer services, application decisions etc. are all expected by consumers in major markets. Many small, medium and even larger sized companies are delaying fully adapting to these changes the market is demanding.

On-Demand and Sharing Economy companies are also core players driving the need to digitize the business ecosystems. Companies can no longer realistically expect clients to wait for pricing, account information, status updates or any other customary inquiry clients have for specific business types. Companies which are unable to meet these consumer demands will see their revenue and profits fall as consumers vote with their dollars for their competitors. 

As a result, providing consumers first class digital experiences has become the absolute minimum customers will accept to conduct commerce with any company. Companies are well advise to meet and more importantly exceed customer expectations to ensure higher rates of customer loyalty, company growth, and profitability long-term.  

What We Do

At Blackstream, we work with companies to develop digital transformation strategies, processes and procedures to digitize their companies. Our advisors work with founders, executives, key employees and front-line staff to build impactful digital solutions to implement. Many companies after implementing complete Digital Transformation initiatives experience 40% or more in savings. Some of the primary issues we address to drive digital transformation are:

  • Build Digital Customer Centric Ecosystems 
  • Develop quick and seamless consumer experiences 
  • Rethink and redevelop back-end operations, processes and procedures
  • Collect, structure and analyze data to drive insights and value
  • Reduce internal friction between teams, divisions and priorities
  • Reduce operational operating costs
  • Design the End-to End Customer Experience

Our advisors work with companies over the long-term to check and verify proper implementation of solutions with regular check-ins afterwards to adjust anything if needed.

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