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on demand + sharing economies

The On-Demand + Sharing EconomyChallenge

The On-Demand + Sharing Economy has reshaped many of the largest markets around the world. Transportation, lodging, household services and many other sectors have been disrupted by on-demand platforms and will never be the same. At the same time, these companies are looking for sustainable business models in regard to profitability, scaling, operations, market share and regulatory issues. Most of the major On-Demand companies are proactively addressing these issues to ensure the best possible position for their firms. Companies not currently working on improving these issues would be well advised to proactively work on them to ensure the best possible future for their company. 

At the same time we’ve watched the difficulties traditional non-tech focused companies are experiencing in the new disrupted marketplace. These firms are strongly advised  to consider adaptations to their business models and innovate to ensure the viability of their business and client bases. On-Demand technology services will continue to disrupt most market segments around the globe with little sign of slowing. Companies who ignore the impacts of these market disruptions could quickly find themselves explaining their financial situation to investors instead of celebrating their successes years from now.

What We Do

At Blackstream we advise startups, companies and investors on growing, scaling and structuring current and potential On-Demand + Sharing Economy companies. We help companies develop operational and strategic plans to maximize their success and simultaneously mitigate their risk. Our advisors provide actionable, concise and measurable recommendations for companies to implement.

Our Operations Advisors work closely with companies and contractors to develop the best methods of operational effectiveness and control. During their process the entire operational ecosystem in the back office, front line, customer experience and sales are synchronized to provide maximum operational efficiency and profits while minimizing client base attrition rates.

Core Areas:

  • Platform Businesses
  • On-Demand Businesses
  • Sharing Economies & Peer-to-Peer
  • Growth & Scaling Advisory 
  • Strategic Partnerships  
  • Venture Digitization